Margo is spreading the word about the importance of empowering women to cultivate their voices so they can unleash the life they were designed for!

“Margo is leading the way in empowering women to honor their voices.”
     ~Tabby Biddle, Best Selling Author, TEDx speaker & United Nations Foundation Press Fellow

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Helping Women Find Their Voice
By Whitney Bauck

TALKING TO PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR, public speaker, and adjunct professor Margo Tirado M.A. ’90 now, it’s hard to believe that she used to be characterized by shyness and insecurity.’

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Moody Radio

Featured on Moody Radio:
Women Finding Their Voice

On this Midday Connection Christian counselor Margo Tirado talks about what happens when a woman finds her voice. Usually emotional and spiritual health follows.

Featured on Moody Radio:
Living the Dash

On this Midday Connection licensed professional counselors Margo Tirado and Shawna Burkhart talks about the all-important dash. They’ll delve into helpful metaphors for living out of the fullness of who God created you to be.

Jesus – An Activist for Women

Moody Chapel, February 22, 2018

I recently had the honor of speaking to 1600 college students at Moody Bible Chapel regarding Christ’s posture toward women. He was intentional about promoting the dignity and equality of women in the midst of a male-dominated society. During his three years of ministry on earth He created a radically new approach regarding the value of women as witnesses, disciples, teachers, and leaders. He did not accept the attitudes towards women that were customary during the first century, but instead, He sought to reform the status quo of women.

Margo Tirado is the co-creator of the DASH Conference for women. The Conference is a collaboration of two therapists and friends that share a common belief that when women are able to own their true voice, amazing things happen. Margo Tirado and Shawna Burkhart are passionate about sharing their experiences and knowledge in broader and more meaningful ways. This conference is the seedling of that idea.

Moving from Fear and Into Action:
The Queen Esther Experience

Christ Church of Oak Brook, January 30th, 2018

Every woman has had a Queen Esther Experience – a moment when she needs to move from fear and into action. I was honored to host a workshop for the women at Christ Church of Oak Brook on January 30th, 2018. We collectively dug deeper into the story of Queen Esther and connected with her experience as a woman who took risks. Every woman left with a deeper awareness of how to move from fear and into action, from self-doubt to courage and with a greater awareness of how to access her tribe on her journey towards boldness.