Praise | Margo Tirado

“Some people are good at what they do because of basic skill sets.  Then there are those who are great because they are also passionate about their work.  Whenever I am around Margo, her passion for helping people radiates.  Clients respond positively to her warm and engaging approach.  As a facilitator of change, she is intuitive, insightful and practical in her counseling skills.  Margo and I collaborate on a regular basis.  I prefer to surround myself with professionals who operate on the cutting edge in the counseling field.  Margo is definitely in my circle!

  Owner of LifeWork Counseling
  Author of Bring Respect Back: Communicating Without the Conflict

“I have known Margo Tirado for about four years. My wife and I went to her for our pre-marital counseling. Since this was a second marriage for each of us we wanted to make sure we were touching all the necessary bases. Margo asked the right questions, explored the tough topics with us and then gave us the assurances we needed to take the next step in our relationship. We know from experience that Margo is a top-notch, caring counselor/therapist. Since that time, I have referred many single people, engaged couples, and married folks to Margo. I trust her. People are helped. They’ve acquired skills, faced fears, gained insights and started to make real progress in their life journey. Besides her professional expertise Margo is just ‘good people’. She understands real life joys and struggles. I have no problem recommending her and the services she offers.”

– Mike Murphy
  Family and Singles Pastor
  Christ Church of Oak Brook

“I have known Margo for over 10 years.  During this time we have collaborated and consulted many time regarding care for mutual clients.  She has great clinal skills, engages with clients effectively and has genuine and sincere concern.  She is 100% committed and invested.  She is a team player.  Patients feel respected and cared for by her. 

I have a lot of respect for her as a colleague and as a friend.  The quality of her work of standard of care is top notch!” 

– Ed McHugh MA, LCPC
  Village Christian Counseling Center

“Margo’s warm, compassionate style blended with her expertise & wisdom make her office a place of refuge and hope for the weary. She creates a safe, professional environment where women can feel comfortable, trust and grow.  Creatively weaving together engaging methods with life-affirming insights, she provides encouragement and clear direction tailored to each client.”

– Susan Borgstrom MA, LPC
  Life Coach ~ Spiritual Director