TEDx Talk | Margo Tirado

“When you inherit a toxic voice, you’re typically not aware that it has just happened.
You are just left with a feeling of shame.”

~Margo Tirado, TEDx Grant Park

There Is No Need to Live with a Toxic Voice

We have all emotionally inherited at least one shame-producing toxic voice that influences how we think, feel, and interact with others. These toxic voices hold us back from things like applying for jobs, feeling confident in our points-of-view, and asking people out on dates. However, we do not have to be held back by these toxic voices. We each have the power to quiet them and live life with more confidence and power. During the last 27 years, I have spent over 40,000 hours researching how toxic voices impact my clients—and myself as well. I have empowered my clients by helping them do the following:

  • identify their shame-producing toxic voices and the impact these voices are having on their lives;
  • understand how toxic voices become emotionally embedded;
  • and figure out how to take steps towards quieting toxic voices in order to feel more empowered.

Recently, I had the immense honor of giving a TEDx talk in Chicago, IL, titled: How to Quiet a Shame Producing Toxic Voice. I also shared a bit of my own journey on how I began to quiet the toxic voices within me, so that I could express the fullness of my spirit, or duende. I invite you to listen to my TEDx talk so that you too, can begin the journey towards quieting any toxic voices that might be holding you back. The TEDx talk is linked below for you to view.

I have also added coaching tools in addition to my TEDx talk, tools designed to support you on your journey towards quieting shame-producing toxic voices. Sign up below for my monthly newsletter and I will immediately send the tools your way so that you too, can begin to quiet any shame-producing toxic voices which might be holding you back.

What women are saying

Watching Margo deliver her TEDx talk was exhilarating!  With passion and commitment, she delivered a powerful message everyone should hear.  BRAVO!!”

-Cecilia Guzman

“After listening to Margo’s TEDx talk, I became more aware of the toxic voices I had been listening to and how they were impacting me. I now know that I have the power to shed them and instead, listen to my own voice. This is so empowering!

-Julia Maloney
CABI stylist