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Margo loves helping women amplify and cultivate their voices through creative workshops, speaking engagements and women’s retreats. It was during a counseling session that Margo had an “Aha moment” – she realized that many of her clients were struggling with very similar life challenges and that many of these life challenges were specific and unique to the feminine journey. So she decided to create a series of workshops for women based on these common patterns. Each of these unique workshops are between 2-3 hours and were created to help women cultivate and amplify their voices. Margo has provided these workshops in a number of settings: businesses, colleges, churches…just to name a few. She is a sought after speaker by business leaders, churches and women’s groups.

If you are interested in having her speak to your group, please contact her via her contact page. Also, if you are interested in attending one of her workshops, be sure to sign-up for her newsletter so that you can be in the know about upcoming workshops in your area.

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Risky Woman

Challenging fear and learning to take risks are the required habits of a woman who wants to live a life of purpose and intention. Learning how to move from a posture of fear to a position of confidence in oneself is a life shift that EVERY WOMAN CAN LEARN! This workshop invites women to look at the belief systems that keep them from taking risks in their life. Learning how to take more risks and managing fear is a necessary part of every woman’s life. You will leave this workshop feeling more equipped to take on life’s challenges in every area of life that is important to you.


We each have a story within us. Our narratives include those moments in our life that we would prefer to forget, moments that are painful, hard to talk about and often very shame producing. I have created a writing process I call Ugly-Beautiful: a series of mindful steps and emotional shifts that help women translate the most difficult part of their journeys into more meaningful moments, where you are the heroine of your story. This talk encourages women to look at their personal stories and translate the challenges they have had in their life into powerful moments.


What Voice are you listening to? The feminine spirit has a tendency to absorb Bullying Voices which create ongoing self doubt, feelings of helplessness and thoughts of insignificance. Left unaddressed and unchallenged these Voices play a powerful role in keeping women in the shadows and away from a place of significance and control. This workshop will walk you through the process of identifying these Voices and how to lower the volume on them so you can increase the volume on your Voice.

Here’s what people are saying…

“As a two-year Sponsor of The DASH Conference for Women I had the benefit of witnessing first hand Margo’s ability to help women come out of their protective shell and find their true voice in a safe and nurturing space. It was incredibly powerful work and Margo is a gifted clinician”

– Jenna Pastore

National Client Services
Lakeview Health – Jacksonville, Florida

“I recently met Margo for the first time and already feel a kindred spirit has touched my life. That is how beautifully she bonds with those she works with. Margo presented and engaged with our organization about the challenges and blessings of Dual Care Taking. Within minutes she had the crowd opening up with laughter and tears while also sharing their stories. Margo has a gift of making you feel safe and understood. Her counsel and knowledge are presented as if you are talking to an old friend. Margo is an expert on a variety of issues and we look forward to having her speak to our daughters too!”

– Wendy Davis

National Charity League, Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills Chapter
Mothers and Daughters Serving Communities Together

“Margo Tirado has an uncanny ability to immediately draw women into a safe space that promotes openness and honesty. Her articulation of the feminine spirit resonates with women of all ages and invites us to explore our stories, our wounds, and our potential as women and as spiritual beings.

Margo is entertaining, animated, and interactive with her audience, enabling women to engage with and embrace deep and complex aspects of our realities, while at the same time having fun time doing so.

The women who sat under her teaching at our annual retreat left theweekend having experienced new insights, empowering applications, and deep inner healing. “

– Rev. Oreon K. Trickey

Associate Pastor of Congregational Life LaSalle Street Church
Chicago, IL

“Margo is an engaging communicator. Her DASH conference influenced me to look deep within and keep pursuing my dreams. Margo brings her strength as a Counselor and Life Coach to the table, making the DASH conference that more powerful!”

– Anita Lustrea

Podcaster, Speaker, Media Coach Spiritual Director
Author of What Women Tell Me & Shades of Mercy