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Your Voice Works In Tandem With Your Lifework



Getting to know your voice is essential to creating a life that is centered on your lifework. In fact, as you are understanding and creating your lifework, you must know your voice to be successful. Trusting your voice is also a necessary part of that process. In short, your voice works in tandem with your lifework.


Learning how to both trust and listen to your voice is a life-long journey and requires a continual commitment and awareness.  Like so many things in life that we aspire to achieve, it is easier to say than to do.


Here’s the good news: helping women find their voices is what I do, and I am really good at it.  In fact, I have been helping women find their voices for over twenty- five years. Through counseling, coaching, women’s retreats, and workshops that I created, I’ve helped women cultivate their voices so that they can engage more successfully in their lifework.


All of you are on a path in the process of cultivating your voice.  In fact, I believe that you are reading this post because you have also been on the journey of discovering your inner voice and are deeply committed to taking daily steps that will keep you on that path.  You may already know that there may be thousands of steps on your journey.


Every one of those steps matters because each step moves you closer to the goal of melding your voice with your lifework. Allow me to share a few insights which will support you in your journey.



First, it’s important to know why bringing your voice into your world is essential. Every woman was created with a unique perspective, and this perspective is imbedded in her voice.  Every woman has the potential to bring her invaluable perspective to the world she lives in. In fact, I believe it is essential to share your unique and invaluable perspective with the world.  Over and over again, I’ve observed that when women are ready, willing, and committed to sharing their perspectives with their world, everyone benefits. Share your voice everywhere in your life: your workplace, church, ministry, household, and relationships. Don’t hold back.


Think about it this way: Can you imagine going through out the day without your thumb?  Go ahead and try it for fifteen minutes today—hold your thumb against your palm and don’t use it.  It’s amazing how quickly you will notice the absence of your thumb. You depend on it more than you think. The human hand was created to function best with all five fingers, and when we are unable to use one of them we notice it immediately.


Similarly, women were also created to function as part of a system.  We were created to function as part of the environment we live in, and we are an essential part of that environment. If we hold back who we are—if we hold back our voices—then there will be an absence of an essential part of the system we live in.

As we cultivate our voice we are also taking steps towards cultivating our lifework.


As we cultivate our voices, we are simultaneously taking steps toward developing a deeper understanding of our lifework.  With the women I coach and counsel, I see this process happen over and over again. I believe that every woman was uniquely designed to bring something important to the world she occupies, much like the thumb serves a specific function for the hand.   I believe that as women cultivate their voices, they are also cultivating their lifework.  This is another reason why every women’s voice is essential to the world we live in.


A few thoughts about lifework…

  • Lifework is the work that is most important to the life you are currently living.
  • Lifework is about finding meaning in the world you live in.
  • Lifework requires an understanding of your journey.
  • Your lifework will develop, change, and expand throughout your lifespan.
  • Your lifework will develop in tandem with your current roles in life. For example, when I was a student, my lifework was about absorbing and understanding the most information I could about how to become an effective psychotherapist. When my children were young, my lifework was about helping them transition into mature and confident adults. In my role as a psychotherapist and coach, my lifework is focused on empowering women to cultivate and use their voices to unleash their innate power.
  • We can have more that one type of lifework at a time.
  • The more you know your voice, the more you will be empowered to engage in your lifework.


Knowing your voice is essential to creating a life that is centered on your lifework.  Trusting your voice is a necessary part of the process. Your voice is your most important tool; therefore, listen to your voice, know your voice, and cultivate your voice.


Questions to Ponder:

  • What do you think about when hear the word “voice”?
  • In what ways have you observed your voice working in tandem with your lifework?
  • Why do you think it is essential to bring your voice to your world?


I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

If you have found this post helpful or insightful, please share it with the women in your life.

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